The Week in Pictures: Time Waits for No Man (or Woman)

Welcome to another week. Time has just disappeared this week, it seems like I have lost a couple of days. Have you ever found that sometimes when you get to the end of the week and can’t remember some days. This week I feel like Monday and Tuesday just didn’t happen. That may have been due to having an assessment day on Wednesday. It has been an enjoyable week nevertheless, with our usual walks and adventures. So, without further rambling, let’s dive right in:

Friday: Playing in The Park

You may have seen the video I put together of me and my son playing in a nearby park. I do enjoy making various videos of the children and events we have been to, like weddings. I also managed to grab this lovely picture of my son pulling one of my favourite faces. He does enjoy making some interesting faces when he is trying to be cheeky or just anytime really.

Where's Wally/My Son?

Sunday: Where’s Wally/My Son?

A little while ago my son decided to hide whilst I was trying to take a picture. I decided what a great idea it would be to play spot my son. I took the picture and forwarded it to my in laws (we have a group on whatsapp) asking them whether they could find him. This has become a bit of an ongoing game now with my son hiding in various rooms and places in the house. The picture above is the latest challenge of spot my son. He has had to up his hiding game because it was a bit too easy to begin with. Let me know in the comments if you can spot him.


Sunday: Strollabout

Have you noticed a theme with our Sunday afternoons? This week is no different. We decided to go for a little walk around the local sailing lake. The weather was beautiful, with blue skies and warm sunshine. The children as usual didn’t want to spend much time in the pushchair. Instead, they opted to explore the woods. It seems they have enjoyed doing this more and more. Though, my son did try going into the lake one too many times for my liking. Fortunately though, he was unsuccessful.

Peg Painting

Friday: Peg Painting

Well, I may have found a little craft activity for me and my son to do. I found this on Pinterest and thought what a great idea. I feel I may have to try a few more of these. My son however does not like wearing an apron. Perhaps I could have tried bribery, but I opted for no top instead. Paint washes out right? Fortunately with these pegs to hold he found it much easier to paint and dab. I can imagine that with a paintbrush it would have been a complete mess. Now you may know I am not a very crafty person (as in I don’t make or paint very much). However, I actually enjoyed doing this with my son, so perhaps you will see more painting in the future.

Time Disappears

So, as you can see the middle part of this week has just vanished. I did pass my assessment on Wednesday which may have caused the time to disappear. I certainly needed some help getting ready for Wednesday and I am very grateful to my parents. They both have different skills that both helped me pass the assessment. My parents really did help carry me over the line, they pretty much sum up this post. Well I hope you have had an entertaining week, let me know your highlights in the comments. I will see you next time, until then don’t let time pass you by.

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