The Week In Pictures: School Starts

Welcome to my first week in pictures, this week saw school start for my daughter. We also had various outings to parks and a bit of baking.


Friday: Trucks

We have some gravel and a raised cellar cover at the front of our house. These created a great opportunity for my son to play with his cars. I showed him how he could fill the pickup with stones and then he was off transporting them everywhere. Later in the week my daughter played a similar game, but larger scale with a digger toy and tractor.

East Carlton Park

Saturday: East Carlton Park

We love going for walks and are quite blessed with a multitude of country parks near us. After printing off some pictures we decided on East Carlton Park. The weather had been poor all day, but when we arrived it stopped raining! It’s a great park with a large play area and some very picturesque surroundings. On a side note it is also pretty good for Pokemon Go if you play, being a Bellsprout nest. Oh and parking was free too.


Sunday: The In-Laws

Today started with Church where we continued our journey through Acts, looking at Paul’s first recorded sermon (Acts 13). After the son’s nap time (rest time for the adults/daughter) we decided to visit my wife’s youngest brother and wife. We spent a bit of time at their house before the children got restless, fortunately they have a park on their estate. This park is perfect for my son as everything is geared around his size and age. My daughter, though the park was tailored for younger children, can find enjoyment in almost anything and having a friend from nursery show up helped.

School Starts

Monday: School Starts

The day has finally arrived, my daughter’s first day of primary school. It’s an odd mix of feelings walking up to the school knowing that she will soon be there all day, every weekday. For now though we have a staggered start where we just go for the afternoons, though next week she will go in for lunch on 2 days. I’m not entirely sure I am looking forward to when she will be there all day, dealing with the tiredness will be the toughest part. I’ll be trying to remember my own top tips. I will miss the loud excitement and random ‘love you’s.

Baking Pizza

Wednesday: Turbo Pizza

My daughter and I both enjoy a spot of baking. We also both love pizzas, though I need to cut down on the cheese. We use a turbo pizza recipe that doesn’t require the dough to be proved, though it does need a good knead! After rolling out the base just slap it in a hot frying pan, turn and then top it with your favourites before grilling them. It’s super quick and only takes around an hour from start to last mouthful (eating speed dependant).

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4 thoughts on “The Week In Pictures: School Starts

  1. This is a great idea Tom 😄 We just saw the details on Cynthias post and had a look.
    Its good to share your memories 😍😘

    1. Thanks Sonia, hope you guys enjoy the memories. I’ve found it really useful for myself to reflect on the week too. Plus finding helpful ways to deal with some of the challenges of home life.

  2. What a great way to capture life and memories – it’s great Tom. Your pictures are brilliant too 😀

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