The Week in Pictures: All is Quiet, All is Calm

Welcome to another round up of the week. This will be a shorter post than usual so that you can catch up on last weeks post here. It will also be shorter since I didn’t take many photos this week. I kind of just enjoyed playing with my son and didn’t think about taking photos. I’ll try and remember next week! You may have guessed, from this post, but we have a had a great time building and playing with train tracks the past week. We have had fewer tantrums this week, which has been a welcome change for me. Which has meant a calm house for everybody, although we still have a few disagreements. Right let’s get into it:

Knife Licking

 Sunday: Licking Knives

You may have seen this photo on my Instagram during the week. I feel I may have been a poor influence one my daughter. I do often lick (not sharp ones) knives of chocolate spread in front of her. Perhaps I should hide around a corner and do it. I just don’t want to waste any of that sweet, sweet spread. It’s a little treat to my self when I let the children have chocolate spread sandwiches.

Sunday: Snowman Making

We decided to have some homemade pizza’s for dinner. This involved making and then kneading the dough. Which means lots of flour around for small hands to play with. My son has taken quite a liking to making shapes and playing with the flour. Usually this is a point that stresses me as he creates quite a mess. However, this time I was quite calm and allowed him to play all he wanted. That is until he tried to eat the stuff!

Monday: Trains, Trains and Trains

My week has been a never-ending cycle of making and tidying train tracks. I must say I do try and make more and more elaborate tracks. The actual building is the part I like. My son on the other hand enjoys the playing side of things of course. He has also started to be interested in Lego train sets now, having watched a video I found on youtube. I guess we should probably try and find one for him (and partly me) for Christmas.

Calm Waters

Well after this rather calm week I am perhaps anticipating the tantrums returning again. Hopefully we’ll have another quiet week, but we shall have to wait and see. It seems Christmas is fast approaching with the first week of advent this coming weekend. We will be putting up our tree tomorrow, so watch for a little time lapse of that. How has your week been? Are you looking forward to the beginning of Christmas? As always, I’ll see you next time. Bye!

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2 thoughts on “The Week in Pictures: All is Quiet, All is Calm

  1. Love to see the way that ‘messes’ are allowed. You are doing well with your offspring!

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