The Week in Pictures: A Change of Plan

Welcome to a rather belated week in pictures post. I apologise for my tardiness in getting this post out. I don’t have an excuse other than, I didn’t follow my advice from earlier in the week. See this post to know what I mean. Anyway, on with the show. So, Fridays are difficult days with a school into ballet into picking up my wife from work rush around. Which leads me to our first change of plan. I will be posting our week in pictures around Sunday lunchtimes. The other change of plan involves me changing the top tips posts to dad ideas. They will remain similar, but will flow as more of my ideas rather than prescribed tips. So, without rambling on anymore, let’s get to it.

Twywell Adventure

Sunday: Twywell Adventure

We decided our little walk this time would be around Twywell Hills and Dales. This is a lovely country park with free park and some great walks. There aren’t any play areas for the kids, however there is plenty to explore in the woods. The children love wooded areas, so we choose a route that went off into the trees. The path was uneven and adventurous at times, leading me to feel like we weren’t in Northamptonshire. The weather was great, although dark clouds rolled in towards the end of the walk. We also decided to not take the buggy, which turned out to be a good idea due to the terrain. However, my son did need carrying for some of the way.

Monday: Vlogging

You may have seen this week that I started a vlog. I then swiftly decided, although I enjoyed it, that it took too much time and effort at the moment. I may revisit doing it occasionally as one of my favourite things is putting videos together. So, if you saw my vlog I spoke about productivity. Then me not being productive enough the second half of the week to get this post done —facepalm–.

Tuesday: A Change of Plan

Another volt another day another plan. So, I left the house with this fantastic day planned with my son. Then as you can see in the video he decided to poo while we were out. There being no nappy changing facilities in town, I had to head home. We still achieved all I wanted, albeit taking a lot longer to do it. My favourite time was when we spent around half an hour just chilling out in the hammock.

Fine Dining

Saturday: Fine Dining

We treated ourselves on Saturday to a rather nice meal in after shopping at IKEA. The children we very kindly looked after by my mother-in-law while my wife and I went to IKEA. My wife seems to enjoy these little trips there and calls them her fix. I enjoy looking at all the furniture I can’t afford, dreaming of a fantasy house we may one day have. After we picked the children up, I cooked them some lovely hot dogs. My daughter also enjoyed a fine glass of fizzy juice which she asked to be in a wine glass like Mummy’s. Very sophisticated. My wife and I had sausages and mash, though they were mighty fine sweet chilli sausages.


Well what a week it has been! I have learnt a lot about myself. I also relearnt not to do too much, a little habit I am awful at doing. Let me know what you thought of my change of plan? Have you had to change any of your plans this week? Let me know in the comments and as always please like and share this around! I’ll see you next time and meanwhile have a great week. Bye!

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4 thoughts on “The Week in Pictures: A Change of Plan

  1. Love your lil laydeee being posh with her fine dining 😂❤️

  2. Sounds like an interesting, surprising, energetic, thoughtful, busy, entertaining, healthy-with family week.

    1. Yes, I believe I probably went through all of those and perhaps a few more. I imagine the children did too, especially at school!

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