Three Weeks in Pictures: Half Term and Back Again

Well, here we are again and once again I am late. I like setting myself a schedule, but at the moment it doesn’t seem to be completely working for me. You will have to bear with me through the changes. I am thinking about switching this post back to a Friday, however publishing it earlier in the day. Which I will be doing this week, so it may be a shorter post.

Anyway, it has been half term this week and that means having two children to chase instead of just one. Fortunately, I spent the first half of the week at my parents. I got to see my sister whom I haven’t seen in real life for over a year. Let’s jump right into it with…

Just before we do, I began writing this post before my long break which you can read about here. So I will be having an extra long post here. I will try and fill in the blanks between half term and now.

Sunrise Car Journey

Sunday 23rd Oct: Sunrise Car Journey

We had to leave extremely early Sunday morning to make the most of seeing my sister. She had to get some sleep before her flight back home in the evening. This meant we left before the sun had even risen. Though this did mean my wife managed to snap this picture from the car of the sun rising out of the mists next to the M11. We were all really happy and excited to see my sister and not just talk to her through a screen. We spent the morning catching up and my sister got the chance to play with the children. She hadn’t seen my son since he was a baby and he is nearly two now. It was sad to then say goodbye, but we get to spend even more time with her at Christmas. My wife also had to leave as she still had to work.

Deers an Toys

Monday 24th Oct: Deers and Toys

We went up to Richmond Park to see my brother and hopefully some deer. We were pleasantly surprised by the sheer amount of deer out and very close by. Fortunately none were too close that we had to make a swift exit. Though a couple of stags kept us moving along at one point. After this little adventure we dug out some of my old toys from my parents shed. I really enjoyed seeing all my old trains and cars that I use to play with. The kids then got to enjoy them all over again. Check out the little post I wrote about finding old toys here.

Stop Motion Hanging

Thursday 3rd Nov: Stop Motion Hanging

You may have seen the little stop motion video I made a while back. Well I was thinking of how I could use all the photos again. So, I got some string and bought some teeny tiny pegs from Amazon (Affliate link: 100 Pack of Craft Hobby Clothes Mini Wood Wooden Pegs by Kurtzy TM). A few nails into walls later and you can see the timeline masterpiece above. I am already planning the next layer to add onto this. My son loved the picture of the train and just keeps pointing at it every time we go past.

Lazy Morning, Party Night

Saturday 12th Nov: Lazy Morning, Party Night

We were back at my parents again for the weekend. My wife and I had a party to go to in the evening and my mum kindly offered to look after the children. Also the fact that they live closer to the parry than we do. Managing not to be up too early, we enjoyed a slow morning and as you can see from my son a very lazy one. He may have had a nasty cold and so was a bit grumpy.

We had to go shopping because my wife needed some new shoes and an outfit for the evening. After our little adventure into Croydon for these, we bid our children farewell and began the journey to the party. It was great to see all my uni friends, I realised when we got there I hadn’t seen them for nearly 2 years! I need to improve my keeping in touch with people. I blame the children personally though.

Cheesy Feet and Choc Chip Cookies

Tuesday 15th Nov: Cheesy Feet and Choc Chip Cookies

Back to normality and I decided to do some baking with my son. We made chocolate chip cookies first, which he enjoyed trying to pinch cookie dough. We then made some cheesy feet pizzas. He used the foot shaped cutter on bread to create the pizza base. Then I spread a little butter on them and he helped me squirt a little ketchup on them. The last topping was a good handful of cheese dashed on top, though trying to stop my son from eating it all presented its own challenge.

Running, Running and Running Again

Wednesday 16th Nov: Running, Running and Running Again

I am trying to raise my fitness at the moment so that I can join the retained firefighter crew in my home town. Wednesday being the day my wife has off I decided to go on a quick run before school. Well, all the best laid plans and all that. I began my usual route around the local lake, however half way round the path was cut off and flooded. Knowing there was probably another path a little way on and not wanting to double back. How wrong I was. It turns out that the next path wasn’t near, but a full extra 3 miles to loop back onto the original path. This in turn left me trying to get back in time for school. What started as an easy 40 minute run, turned into a 50 minute slog to get back.

Well that brings us roughly up to speed. It has been an eventful few weeks for us and hopefully now I will be more consistent with my posts. I will be trying my best not to put off doing what I should be doing. How have your weeks been? Let me know in the comments below and as always I’ll see you next time. Though hopefully next time will be sooner rather than later. Bye!

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4 thoughts on “Three Weeks in Pictures: Half Term and Back Again

  1. What a lot you cram in!! I was tired just reading it 😄Where does your Sister live Tom? I know how you feel about not seeing family v often.
    Loved the photo banner, great idea 👏🏻👏🏻

    1. She works as an air hostess and lives in Dubai when she isn’t flying all over the world.
      Thanks, the sunrise is beautiful at this time of year with all the autumnal leaves.

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