Three Ideas to Stay Away from Procrastination Station

Well, it’s been a while. First apologies that I haven’t posted for what now feels like a very long time now. I have found myself drawn into putting off writing this blog, as well as other things. It seems I kind of drifted through the last couple of weeks rather than focusing on anything worthwhile. I am hoping to be back and posting regularly again from now on. So, if you don’t see a post for a while please prod me. Anyway, I thought I would try and think of some ideas to keep yourself from procrastination. These are things I will be trying to do as well, especially after these last weeks. So let’s get right into it…

Keep Tabs on Me

Keep Tabs on Me

Now this is something I didn’t have with this blog, I am only accountable to myself. However, I would love if you guys could shout, tell me off, gently scold or just ask why I haven’t posted in a while. Having someone to check up on you sounds awful. But, for me I find it gives me a motivation to improve and keep going. Now, making sure that telling off or reproach is given from an attitude of being helpful is key. Otherwise, it will most likely cause the opposite effect.

It’s something I’ve done recently with my fitness. I am trying to exercise regularly, however the last couple of weeks I have slipped and not worked out much at all. I’ve asked my mum to be on my case so that I can get back on track. She is a fitness instructor which means she is very good at offering the right encouragement. She also asked me to keep a check on her that she is pushing herself as well.


To-Do List

Use a To-Do List

You may have seen this post and vlog about being productive. I guess this post kind of looks at this from the opposite angle. Focusing and keeping busy are keys to stop yourself procrastinating. We’ve looked at getting others to help motivate you. Sometimes though you will have to motivate yourself. Making a list of what you want to achieve really helps. I find making a list at the start of a day with reminders makes me want to tick them off. Especially when they appear as notifications all the time on my phone. Find a way to keep yourself busy, whether that is making a list or having a plan in your head.


Plan a Treat

Having something you are looking forward to can be a great motivation. For me I often say I’m not allowed to play a game until I have done the washing up or some other job. Often it is the washing up I do just after my son goes to sleep before I jump on the computer. Which reminds me, I should probably do the washing up.

Right, now that’s done. Set yourself a target and something you can have after you’ve achieved it. For me playing a computer game is a great treat, for you it may be sitting down to watch TV.

Leaving Procrastination Behind

Hopefully, you’ve found these ideas useful to stop yourself pulling into procrastination station. I know I will be trying to remember them and keep myself busy. We had a great weekend just gone where we stayed at my parents. We also got to go out to an adult party (mind out the sewer please) without the children. It was some of my university friends 30th birthdays and was an excellent opportunity to catch up. I think I hadn’t seen them for almost 2 years! I’m going to say it’s the kid’s fault, well mostly. If you think of any other ideas please post them in the comments below and share this with anyone you think might find it useful. I’ll see you next time, hopefully with some idea.

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