Three Ideas on Finding New Old Toys to Enjoy Again

I am writing to you from my parent’s house this week. I have spent the first few days of the half term down here. Fortunately, there are plenty of toys from when my siblings and I were younger.  My mum is slowly drip feeding the toys out, so that the children get the excitement of ‘new’ toys each time. This visit it was the turn of the cars were  and trains box. It is amazing seeing some of the toys I grew up with. Which made me think about enjoying new old toys with children.

Choking Hazard

Choking hazards

The first and probably most important action to do with old toys is check for small parts. There could be a multitude of reasons for there being choking hazards in older toys. Once we got the box of cars out of my parents shed we began the task of sorting them out. Most of the cars were completely fine, however, we did find some that presented problems. Some of the cars were too small and others were just broken. Whilst doing this we also checked for…

Creepy Crawlies

Creepy Crawlies

Not a major issue here in the UK, however, I can picture in other countries could be a real problem. The only issue we were concerned about was spiders or insects crawling out of the cars. Can you imagine the scream of my daughter if that happened? My son on the other hand would just try and pick it up. I guess whilst checking for moving occupants a little clean of any particularly dirty toys wouldn’t go amiss.

New Old Toys Nostalgia

New Old Toys Nostalgia

Now it I am not all doom and gloom, the best part starts now. You can enjoy the new old toys you use to love and see your children enjoy them too. I know that I always use to drive my trains around on a rug or side of a table. It’s great to see nothing much has changed in all this time and my son does the same things. I can’t really describe the feeling of excitement and enjoyment I felt watching my children play with the toys I use to play with.

Have you got any new old toys that your children might enjoy? I know that secretly I wanted to enjoy them as well. It’s been a really great start to the half term with some help from my parents. I must say it has been a shame that my wife had to stay at home and I have missed her. Work can be a burden sometimes, we get to see her tomorrow though. Did you get a chance to check out what we got up to last week? Well, I hope you enjoy digging out some old new toys. I’ll see you next time, bye!

Also here’s is a Bible verse I feel can have application from John 10:10b:

‘I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.’

Obviously speaking about Jesus and not toys! Though toys are fun still!

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2 thoughts on “Three Ideas on Finding New Old Toys to Enjoy Again

  1. I loved that ……… It’s not a common experience I would think. Parents usually have a clear out of toys …. Well I haven’t heard anyone else doing what you wrote about here. What a lovely experience! A NOTE !!!!! …….I was at a Garden Centre on Saturday (a treat out for me with Grahame and Madeleine). and I saw two presents – one for C and and one for J for Christmas. You have just prompted me warn you that when J enjoys his present – he will definitely require adult supervision while doing so until he gets a bit older.

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