The Week in Pictures: Stop Motion and Tea

The last week of term has arrived. It seems to bring with it an extra tiredness that has affected both children and adults in our family. Add onto that we have all had colds and it could seem to be a rather dreary week. However, all is not doom and gloom. We had some fun on a shorter than usual Sunday walk and also a discovery about my son. This week I have also had a go at my first stop motion video which I made for my wife. So, now you have a flavour for the week let’s jump right in with…

Autumnal Chicken

Sunday: Autumnal Chickens

That title might be a bit fancy, never mind. We only went for a short walk this Sunday. However it was a very pleasant one, with a beautiful autumnal sunset creating some amazing colours. You can see one of the photos back in my previous post here. On our walk we saw some chickens that my son enjoyed saying hello to. They are very inquisitive creatures and happily came over to see what all the fuss was about.

Tea Surprise

Tuesday: Tea Surprise

Now recently my son has taken a like to having tea with us. Obviously we make it very milky for him. However, I never thought he would try green tea. I am partial to a cup of it and when he asked for ‘tea’ I made him a cup. He then proceeded to drink another whole cup. Now all I need to wait for is when we can have a deep discussion over tea. Though I feel I may have to wait a while for that. Of course, we had the obligatory cake to go along with our tea. That might have been our favourite part really though.

Wednesday: Stop Motion

I had been planning to make a little stop motion video for a while now. I ordered some ‘retro prints’ (like the old Polaroid instant prints) from PhotoBox. They arrived promptly and well packaged as usual. After opening the parcel I saw the prints were packaged in this really cool paper wallet. The paper wallet was such a nice touch that I put it in the video. After a few days planning, which I would highly recommend if you want to make a stop motion video, the day of filming/photographing arrived. It took all of my son’s extra long nap time to get the shots. It is no quick and easy thing to make a stop motion video. I know for next time what to expect and what I would change. However, it was really enjoyable watching the finished product and filled me with a sense of achievement.

Graffiti or Art?

Friday: Graffiti or Art?

I met up with a friend Friday morning to go for a walk with our sons. You can really feel that the weather is turning colder in the mornings now. The route we were on took us past a skate park and because it was the middle of the day there was no one using it. Now I may have taken the kids around this skate park before in the buggy. Before you cry out in fright, no I did not manage any backflips. Since we didn’t have the buggy I let my son explore the skate park on foot, there is a really cool wavy bit that he likes. Always making sure he didn’t try and jump off anything he shouldn’t.

Anyway on one of the features was the ‘art’ in the picture above. I was met with the dilemma: Is this just graffiti or could it be viewed as art? To clarify, I don’t condone the act of defacing anything. However, I couldn’t help admire the skill needed to achieve the effect on the planets and comet. I’m sure there could be lengthy debates over this question. My point of view is that I feel I can appreciate the artists skill. However, I don’t think I can agree with the fact it is put on public property, potentially without permission. I may be wrong in the this sense though.

This weekend has been busy with two parties and a trip down to my parents. Being half term next week I am trying to keep a busy schedule rather than staying in the house. I hope you’ve had a great week, leave your highlight in the comments. Enjoy yourselves and I’ll see you next time. Bye!

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