The Week in Pictures: Steam Fayre and Cleaning Floors

This week has been great, we’ve been very productive cooking dinners in the slow cooker. Well my wife has as she has had the start of this week off work. Also, we got out the house a lot, going to a steam fayre and country park. However, this week saw the tiredness of being at school kick in for my daughter. My wife discovered that giving her dinner not long after getting home has helped. I have found keeping calm and following one of my previous posts has helped me especially. Now on with the show:


Thursday: Cooking

I often end up writing the week in picture posts on Thursday during the day. Which usually means I don’t include anything from the evening. However, this week we have done plenty of cooking together and my daughter loves to join in. She especially enjoys cutting up vegetables. We usually let her cut the mushrooms, since you don’t have to let her loose with a sharp knife. Though sometimes with guidance she has helped me to cut up tougher vegetables. I think it’s great to involve children in cooking and baking, as it can teach them so many skills.

Steam Fayre

Saturday: Kettering Vintage Rally and Steam Fayre

My son loves trains, planes and any automobiles. When we heard from my father-in-law that there was a steam fayre on, we jumped at the chance to head on over. It was a fantastic afternoon with plenty for everyone to do and see. My son had that child in a sweet shop wide eyed amazement look all day. I even captured it here when he was looking at some vintage model cars and vans. My daughter also enjoyed the ride on the land train that looked like Thomas. Both the children loved the show ground where all the vehicles did a parade. Especially when the trucks honked their extremely loud horns. My son’s favourite part though was when the tractors came through.


Monday: Gingerbread A&E

Even though my wife had the day off work, she had a team meeting in the evening. I decided to fill the time between dinner and bath with some baking. This always goes down well, though the children expect to eat everything as it comes out the oven instead of letting it cool. We decided to make gingerbread men, which is generally a favourite. However, we had a few injuries to the men as they came out of the cutter. Some lost legs and arms, one almost lost his head. So together we did some basic ‘surgery’ to reunite all their limbs and heads before we baked them.

Cleaning Floors

Tuesday: Floor Cleaning

This morning my son started wondering around with his cup of juice. Completely unintentionally he managed to spill half of it down himself and the rest all over the floor. So, we gave him a paper towel and asked him to clean it up. Which he proceeded to do by putting it on the spillage and stepping on it to soak it up. You can tell he watches how I clean up spillages as this is exactly what I do. It’s surprising how much children take in from just watching how we react to situations.

We also managed to get over to Ferry Meadows Country Park in the afternoon. Since, my mother-in-law normally picks up my daughter from school and my brother-in-law needed a lift to Peterborough for an interview. That’s a lot of in-laws in one sentence! This meant it was just my wife and I with the boy walking round the park. Being a school day and the weather looking decidedly overcast, even threatening (rain that is), the park was pretty empty. My son is loving tunnels and there is a really good, albeit big for him, bit of play equipment in one of the play areas. He kept wanting to go in this tunnel and then over the bridge to the slide on the other slide.

Wrap Up

The highlight of this week was definitely the steam fayre which was enjoyed by everyone. This week I wrote a guest post for Martin over at Father Lee Moments. It was a letter to my 18 year old self, it was quite interesting to write and feel free to head here to have a read. My son has thrown less tantrums this week, which has helped with my sanity. Though when he threw a tantrum this morning on our way to school I had to employ the rugby ball technique. In case you missed my handlers guide to tantruming toddlers you can see it here. Let me know how your week has been in the comments below. You could also post your pictures of the week to Instagram and tag me in with @dadideas.

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