My Ideas About Traits Being Born or Bred

This may be a slightly different blog post than usual. I’ve been pondering lately about the interests and skills that my son is developing. He has reached that great age where he is starting to prefer various toys (and foods, though that can be another post). So, I thought about whether we are born with our interests or whether we learn them from our surroundings.


Our Son and His Trains

Now the reason for these thoughts is that my son has taken a keen interest into trains. Not uncommon for a small boy. However, trains use to be my favourite thing when I was younger as well. Of course, being at home now I am enjoying the chance to share my interest with my son. We normally end up building at least a couple of trains tracks each day now. So, I feel that maybe my influence of happily building train tracks has encouraged his enthusiasm. Though, he did have this interest before and tended to play with cars and trains more than anything else.


Our Daughter and Her Ponies

When we look at our daughters interests some I know come from our input, however there are others that aren’t from us. She really enjoys ‘My Little Pony’ but she also has a fantastic imagination. She can pretty much make a game out of plain pieces of paper. I can often find her in playing with food bag clips, making families and telling a story (with voices). I had a fantastic imagination when I was younger, which I can see in her.

Born or Bred?

I guess my opinion is that we are made up of a combination of different aspects. I know a bit of a cop out. However, I can see that my daughter most certainly gets her imagination and therefore her interest in role play from me. Alternatively, I look at my son and I can see that perhaps my enthusiasm about trains has rubbed off on him. What are your thoughts? Do you think we can be bred ┬áto like particular things? Or do you prefer the idea that we are born with particular leanings? Don’t forget if you want to get my blog posts straight to your inbox there is a sign up either in the side bar or at the bottom of the page. Check out my catch up post after my long absence here. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time. Bye!

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