Three Ideas to Stop Yourself Doing Too Much

Well, it’s been a interesting last few weeks for me. I’ve started things, subsequently stopped them and changed stuff. I am one of those people that has a nasty habit of trying to do too much. I often get excited about a new idea or project. Then before I think how it will affect my workload I jump into it with both feet, as well as the rest of me. I flounder for a few days or weeks and after that come to terms that I can’t do everything. My wife is also very good at keeping me pointing in the right direction. She knows when I have bitten off more than I can chew and often points it out in a loving way.

Doing Too Much

I am of course referring to starting a vlog, it is a great idea. However, I tried to take it too far rather than evaluating how much time I could commit to it. I still want to do a vlog, but doing it daily is not going to be possible. Instead I plan to assess how and when I can do it over the coming weeks and then start again with it. So, you may be thinking how can you stop yourself doing too much. Well, read on and let’s see if we can come up with some ideas to stop ourselves.

Think Before You Leap

Think Before You Leap

Our first port of call should be to question why? Do we need to do this new activity, what purpose does it serve and how will it affect me/my family. I am a reflector, no not those things on bikes, I learn by looking back at things. What this means is I often don’t learn my lesson until after the fact. I can sometimes analyse before starting a new endeavour, however I don’t do this enough. The old way of writing down positives and negatives and also planning out your time commitments is a good practice. Finally after this I feel it is important to ….

Ask Others

Ask Others

The people around you in your life often care about you and what you do. They are a great litmus test to see if your new fantastic idea fits in with you. Share your idea with people you trust to be honest and realistic. I have said this before but my wife is great at being brutally honest with me sometimes. Which may sound like a bad thing, but that’s what I need sometimes. The people around us often can look at an idea objectively. We can often tend to view our own ideas with a rather rosy lens. Finally after doing these we should…

Start Slowly

Start Slowly

It is all too easy to get swept up onto the hype train and start at the end or middle. For example, I wanted to start a vlog but instead of doing one a week and testing the waters. I decided to jump right in and try doing a daily vlog. This is where all that preparation we did using the previous ideas comes in handy. We can start at the beginning with the knowledge of where we want to end up. It is so important that we enjoy the journey and not just want to always be at the end.

I will be reassessing, well just assessing as I didn’t do it the first time, my vlog. Keep your eyes peeled and it may start cropping up in these weekly posts or even as an extra post. Whoa! Getting ahead of myself again. Anyway, thank you for reading and joining me in these little ideas posts. I hope you have enjoyed yourself and if you have please show it by sharing the post. If you have any ideas that you want to add to these feel free to leave them in the comments.

As always I leave you with this helpful Bible verse, this time from Proverbs 25:16:

‘If you find honey, eat just enough– too much of it, and you will vomit.’

I thought it was rather apt and succinct for this post. I do love a good proverb!

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  1. My little great-grandson’s father has put together some very wise words….

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