A Little About Me

I am a full time stay at home dad to two adorable children. Also, I amĀ married to my beautiful wife who ‘wins the bread’ for our family. Before moving to the domestic sector I use to work at an outdoor adventure centre as an instructor, which was an amazing experience. I enjoy a good adventure like most people, whether that is rushing down a river or exploring the local parks. Photographing various random objects that I find interesting is another hobby, I do take pictures of my children as well.

About The Blog

I am the kind of person that prefers to share and help others whenever I can. I find that lessons I have learnt or am currently learning probably need to be shared. Therefore, the birth of this blog has begun. A place to share the struggles I may be currently going through. Also, to enjoy the triumphs of working through a tough problem. I’d also love for the blog to become a place where you can come and share your stories of hardship or success. Deciding upon the main focus of the blog was perhaps the hardest part. However, it kind of dawned on me as a stay at home dad there are plenty of fun stories of learning and enjoyment to share.